do you have a workout or eating schedule? I'm trying to get in shape and I need to make some adjustments

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I do, actually, one which figures quite prominently into my day to day. Workout wise, I hit the gym six days a week, with an eye towards mixing cardio and weights (3 days and 3 days, respectively, splitting up which areas I’m targeting re:weights.) There’s a lot of pseudoscience out there with respect to women and the gym, but know that a balanced routine includes both cardio in some form and weights, which is both the only path to the rather glib sounding “toning” and a long term investment in bone density and metabolism.  Try to mix in a little of both, and to mix up what you do; the elliptical or the treadmill exclusively is a good start, but will ultimately not reap the same rewards as mixing in other, new types of exercise. Food-wise, I minimize my intake of simple carbs, sugar, and saturated fats while maximizing my intake of protein, leafy greens, good fats, and whole grains. “Eating better” for most people leans heavily on “no,” but often works better with a “yes.” That is to say, if you simply cut food intake, you will inevitably end up loading up at some point out of hunger and likely sabotaging yourself. Try transitioning instead to “food of substance” that will leave you fuller longer than simple carbs. My staples are things like greek yogurt, spinach, eggplant, squash, and lean meats like chicken and tuna. But again, liking much of the above was an evolving process; I found ways of preparing all of these foods that made them feel like a treat instead of some form of deprivation from the “tasty stuff.” (Pumpkin spice in the yogurt, for example, or mashing the squash to a potato-like consistency.) It’s basically a bit of an attitude shift; don’t think about “depriving myself of things I like” but rather “trying to find new things I like” or “getting creative with food.” Long term fitness and diet changes can only be made with an eye towards making them immovable things; pencil it in, stock the fridge, and so forth, and you will set yourself on track for better shape. 

I'm a guy, and I need some ideas for labels that are definitely preppy but at the same time fashion-forward. What fits my taste ever since is J Crew, and almost all my clothes have been J Crew; I'm kind of getting sick of it and want a wider variety. I don't know if this will be unorthodox (perhaps even blasphemous), but I want to experiment into the "prepster" (preppy + hipster) look. So any ideas?

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Check out these for starters, then consider adding in some J.Press and Jack Spade (which have their own standing stores) and mixing in from labels like Burkman Bros, Ovadia and Sons, Run of the Mill, Scotch and Soda, Vanishing Elephant, Mark McNairy, Left Field NYC, Saint James, and generally cruising the brands the San Francisco vint-y menswear goldmine Welcome Stranger carries or any Barney’s.  

I know it would be tedious to go through all your past posts, but would you consider tagging your future asks so they'd appear together on a tagged page? I do love reading them.

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Ask and ye shall receive; though “Prep 101” will continue to highlight answers to questions I consider particularly relevant/basic “Prep 101” reading/a good place to start getting into this blog’s style methodologies, all the ask answers will now be archived under the “PG Says….” heading up at the top- starting with this one!

hi! love your blog :) i was just wondering where i would go to for some bedding since i'm redoing my room while i'm home from school! i've been searching for lilly bedding but can't seem to find any. i love kate spade also but i do want a preppy bed set, any ideas? thanks a bunch in advance :)

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Tommy Hilfiger Bed makes quite a few great preppy sets, with the added and advantage that many color palettes are intentionally mix and matchable. The US polo association also has one worth considering for girls, and for men or a more masculine leaning bed set, Nautica’s seaworthy geometrics aren’t a bad choice. (Or if you’re looking to go Lilly-esque, Paige Megan offers a pretty close thing.

I must admit, I asked the question about Sarah Vickers' recent outfit... under anonymous for fear of backlash after insulting the taste of Tumblr's queen of prep. However, I must express my gratitude for your excellent response! Your advice is wonderful, and so enjoyable to read. You seem to dedicate so much time and thought to each of your answers. Thank you!

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Good to hear it was helpful! In my opinion, one should never be afraid to challenge sartorial icons over style quibbles simply because they are sartorial icons or seem to know what’s up in terms of style; I know that I personally have benefited from this, as it actually pushes me to concretely define what I like about certain styles and what I don’t like. Likewise, style is intensely personal, and is thus a touchy topic- but also because of this, means it’s totally subjective and thus there will always be cases of agree to disagree. I like what I like; I don’t like what I don’t like, and even if we can’t see eye to eye on it, it can certainly be the spark for an interesting conversation. 

I need hat solutions. Advice?

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Those big felt numbers have been making themselves seen around Soho, and are a great number to throw on with oversized shades to signal fashion forward…under wraps. Other than that and, say, the requisite oversized derby number or floppy straw beach piece with a touch of monogram, what I’m feeling for street wear instead is the chic silk carre scarf as hair ornament in place of a hat. (Hermes makes booklets with all kinds of different wrap styles, fyi.) 

I recently tore the Knee is my favorite pair of J. Crew jeans. being that they were relatively expensive should i try to patch them? leave as they are? or trash them? If I patch them what material should I use?

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Depends on the nature of the tear- can you patch it unobtrusively with light blue thread, i.e., is it a straight or razor tear with no jagged pieces? If you’ve actually shredded several lines of stitching so that the white fibers are showing, though, your only option for a fix is an actual patch; there’s no pretending it’s not patched, as generally the denim will wear to its own unique shade of blue, so why not go bold with a statement fabric? Gingham, gold glitter, or other J.Crew-y fabric in a neat square patch is a chance to inject something a bit of wink wink nudge nudge to the piece, and is a fashion risk worth trying in such an all or nothing situation. 

Any suggestions on what a good birthday gift would be for a turning 19 year old preppy lady? The budget is $200. She has everything and I don't know what to get her.

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Things in the “you can never have enough thoughtful and timeless” category occupied by things like monogrammed jewelry and pearls are an easy out, but my gift MO is a bit different. (Short answer: do something really great that shows you’ve thought about what she likes but also comes with the afterglow of great memories, rather than just a new thing.) 

Hello! I have recently been looking at a lot of Clothing items from Ralph Lauren.. However I'm not sure about spending 1000+ dollars on a single clothing item. Do you know of anyplace that sells RL for a cheaper price? Thanks so much :) I love your blog! I get a lot of outfit ideas from it!

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For starters, avoid the full-price Black Label pieces that can top out in the thousands, and go instead for sale items or indeed their younger, cheaper dispersion line Rugby. (Which frankly is cuter anyway.) If you must have those BL beauties, your best bet for finding them cheaper is to shop some form of resale, be it high end consignment in major cities or eBay. 

I have a bit of a problem, I have been trying to 'prep up' my wardrobe a bit. My normal style is something that people would either call hipster/hippie (I have wild long curly hair so that might be a reason for the hippie) and I am trying to go for more of a polished look. Do you have any advice?

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Take a look here, and keep in mind that repurposing many existing pieces can simply be a question of adding the right polished accessories and shoes (or throwing the right high polish jacket over a lower maintenance top by way of contrast!) 

In your opinion, what do you think are the demographics of people who style are influenced by prep?

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The demographics of those who have been traditionally associated with the prep style, or those of prep’s newer adopters? Because the recent ivy boom has engendered numerous changes in the “who” behind the classic style. Obviously, the traditional association of prep correlates strongly to old-stock, WASP traditionalists with a fistful of family histories and a keen eye for the social register. The neo-prep boom, however, has seen prep blow up across mass market dispersion labels (Rubgy and the like) and led to new emergent style strains, especially in menswear (like, for example, the “Black Ivy” look, or the almost compulsive retro-detail focus of Japanese Take Ivy enthusiasts.) These new strains are particularly popular with a more urban, young, trendy crowd that frankly seems like an offshoot of vintage-fetishistic hipsters, albeit with more interest in dapper vintage than rugged or grungy vint. True to both the “old” prep and the “new” prep is an underlying desire to adhere to labels with some sort of traditional, quality-focused image and often towards a kind of subcultural label-flashing-that-isn’t-label-flashing, like the very conspicuous but still “in-the-know” consumption of, say, Stubbs and Wootton slippers, for example. 

Hey! so I have an interview with a cosmetology school next Friday and I was hoping you had some outfit suggestions for me?

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Obviously for a beauty school, keep it neat (all over; chipped nails, split ends, maintain yourselves!) and thus an outfit that says attention to nice details, but unfussy enough not to worry about, is a good choice. To that end, a white or cream blouse (or in particular if you’re feeling trendy, an opaque chiffon/silk one) a high waisted skirt in some sort of neutral shade and close toed heels of some height are recommended. Top with sedately classic gold jewelry and go- and make sure, as I always suggest with interview outfits, particularly if they’re new- that everything fits or otherwise falls in such a way that you won’t be endlessly tugging at it or thinking about it. 

What are some collegiate fashion essentials?

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Pretty similar to the regular preppy essentials, albeit with possibly more seasonal adjustments based on wherever you go to school. (New England: more Beans, more sweaters. South: more khaki shorts and lightweight blazers. And so forth.) You may, however, additionally benefit from some monogrammed planners and barware (for the two collegiate loves, scheduling and drinking) and perhaps some sundresses for whatever tailgates/parties/lawn debauchery your college may offer.