Do you mind doing a post on preppy reading glasses? Or, how different outfits to match different types of glasses? Thank you anyway, if you do/don't. :)

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As a New Yorker, I’ll toss in our local cool frames house (you can shop online!) Moscot, who does the kind of vintage-cool frames that currently signal style know-how. That said, the cool and cheap behemoth is Warby Parker, who have a Zara-esque free ship free return policy that means you can try a whole bunch of things before you buy. Generally, black only glasses go well with bold graphic colors, but can look severe on certain features (light ones, e.g. blond(e)s and redheads) and clothing (pastels and the like) while brown can be limiting if you do mix black into your wardrobe. For this reason, I strongly, strongly suggest tortoiseshell frames, which play nice with just about everything.

(More important than color, though, is shape: really try on a bunch of frames to find what fits your face shape and cheekbones, especially if you’re doing the trying with someone who knows how to size you up at an actual brick and mortar frame store.) 

Thank you for being one of only a handful of prep blogs that actually embraces everyone -- not just heterosexual WASPs of the 1%. You are incredibly classy, intelligent, and have excellent taste. Fave prep blog ever.

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This is a hell of a compliment and I do thank you for it. Thanks for reading and throwing nice words into my inbox.