I'm a bit curvier and find that a lot of preppy clothing is made for those without hips - any advice?

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Some here, and some here, and a strong vote that it’s mostly trial and error—yours may involve a little bit more effort, so come in to any shopping trip with the knowledge that your shopping process may involve more trying less buying. (Remember fit, not size, is the king: better to go up a size to fit through the shoulders or hips and pull in the waist with tailoring than down to fit one area but leave you gasping in another.)

Do you love what you do?

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No. But that’s ok.

(Collective: “Wait, what?”)

One of the big things I always find sort of mystifying about people around my age (i.e. Millennials) is this preoccupation with the idea that your job—especially your first job—has to be the job: are you being fulfilled, spiritually and emotionally by your work?! Does it give you social purpose and satisfaction?! At just cruising into your twenties, you likely have little idea what will make you happy in the long run or, frankly, what you even want out of a workplace. You may think you need a really social office environment only to find that you like something with more solo time; you might dream of travel only to find that five days a week on the road sucks. How do you find this stuff out? By working jobs you don’t love, or rather, by working jobs where you like parts, but not other parts.

This is good for two reasons. Firstly, it gets you working and figuring this stuff out and second, of all the things to go out the window in the 21st century, the 35-years-and-retire model of working is probably at the top of the list. You’re gonna move industries, job functions, possibly states, countries and continents in your career. The idea that a job is like a marriage where you’re bound to it forever does you a disservice both by stressing you out with the constant am I LOVING it? background hum and by inciting up a killer case of grass is greener syndrome.

Do I love what I do? Eh, not really. I think it’s a slim (possibly slightly weird) number of people that spring out of bed in the morning fired up by financial services. (“You know what gets me excited? Mortgage backed securities!”) That said, I really like parts of what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with, which is much more valuable set of insights to have than a yes/no love/hate job dichotomy. 

Hi! Ive looked through your prep 101 and most of your posts, but I couldn't find a post about corporate wear. I think you've done something like this before. Just wondering if you've the link? I recently grad and started on my first job and need some inspirations. Thanks! And love your site!

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Your workwear questions, answered. (Good luck with the job!)