hey! love your tumblr. ever consider doing posts on your own OOTDs?

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I’ve thought about it, but the reality of rolling out the door in the morning (read: my bed and I are In A Relationship) plus liking a low profile (New York is smaller than you’d think) means it’s not typically something I go for. I do occasionally post snaps of things I own and like over on my Instagram (and hope to be a little more active on it) so if you’re in a closet snooping mood, that’s probably your best bet.

Hello! I'm going to be a freshman in college this coming fall, and was wondering if you had any suggestions as what to wear "out"? My wardrobe isn't really suited for the night scene haha. Thanks!

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Have a look here and here for some troubleshooting—and maybe pick up a bright colored peacoat to help avoid the disappearing black jacket problem at the end of the night. (Seriously, 25F and light snow at 2:02am isn’t the moment to figure out that somebody’s jacked your favorite wool number.)