Do you think a girl can have tattoos and piercings and still be preppy? Cause I want a belly piercing, which has the advantage of being a discrete piercing but I also want to get my ears pierced(to wear 2 earings on one ear and a piercing and an earring on the other). And I also want a tattoo( a very small anchor on my feet). Do you think that would be too much? Thank you. By the way,really like this bolg,it's just FANTASTIC :))

Asked by imaprepster

I’ve shared some thoughts on tattoos here that will be helpful especially in your case (for a small, discreet one) and can offer a similar answer for piercings; think about why you want them and whether their upkeep and shelf life is worth it, especially if you’re about to go into college/work settings where the chance to show them off can be limited at best. If you’re still into the idea, the choice is yours—and in the case of piercings, isn’t too long term as many, especially those in cartilage, will closer over unless kept open actively. 

I'm a bit curvier and find that a lot of preppy clothing is made for those without hips - any advice?

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Some here, and some here, and a strong vote that it’s mostly trial and error—yours may involve a little bit more effort, so come in to any shopping trip with the knowledge that your shopping process may involve more trying less buying. (Remember fit, not size, is the king: better to go up a size to fit through the shoulders or hips and pull in the waist with tailoring than down to fit one area but leave you gasping in another.)