What should men wear to the airport and on a plane especially if it's going to be a long trip?

Asked by Anonymous

The key to plane travel—especially long haul travel—is an outfit that a.) won’t wrinkle, crunch, or droop despite 12 hours in the hot seat and b.) and outfit that, after 12 hours in the hot seat, won’t make YOU wrinkle, crunch and droop. To wit: a long sleeve shirt, even to a hot destination, is a good bet, as plane air is desert dry and A/C’ed within an inch of its life even as your body naturally gets colder on overnight flights when you hit sleeping hours. (Something like a classic striped shirt is always a good bet, or a solid with rolled sleeves to break up the silhouette.) As for pants, pick a slim but relaxed fit in something forgivingly soft like chino, and on the shoes front, easy on easy offs like boat shoes will do you well. (Don’t try to be that guy trying to lace up and down at awkward points in the security line.)